Hello Tukums, happy-new-year-royal-look-wallpapers

6 months since the end of my project and I’m glad i got a chance to have this experience. Not so many things happen during these  6 months.

For me, these 10 months were very useful.

The return to home was strange; I didn’t really realize I was at home forever. It’s been like a holiday for me, but after 3 weeks, I started to feel sad because of a lot thing.

I don’t know if it’s me who changed or people around me, but the things is that honestly I was not happy to come back at home because of the environment.

Of course I’m happy to have my family, my boyfriend, my friends, ….. I would if i could  move them away, but i can’t. My parents and i spoke about that and they say Paris is too stressful and not for me and they support me to move. i need time for that so for the moment I try as much as possible to escape from Paris

For New Year I went to London. British people are crazy, but in a good way, always smiling. I also work a lot because I have the project to have my one business for next year. So now that the project of voluntary service is finished, I begin the project of the real life. But I don’t give up my interest for the voluntary service. I found an association which will allow me to continue what I did before.

I can say that my period in Latvia was great. To honest, sometimes it was difficult (misunderstandings, figts for what you need for projects, miss your family….) and for that, i could talk with my roomates. i remenber the evenings, i spoke with Francesco for hours talking about stupid things, complain(sometimes for things really important and sometimes just because we want to complain 🙂 ), or what we will do when we are going to return home.

I learn about what I am able to do or not; i don’t get mad like before. care less about things not so important, learn English also. i try to have fun everyday and i focus on these moments (miers un mīlestība)

MANY Thanks to all people we met during our EVS. People who helped us for our projects. Great moment in LIGZDA (not each time because when you don’t know how to use a sewing machine you don’t spend a good moment 🙂 no you cry), in ZANTE CRISIS (even with mosquitoes), with my students, my lovely mentor (Gundega) with Liene, my really big helper Laima :).

i learnt something from each of you. tour-eiffel-ete-automne-550x309





I’m back so I can tell you where I ended up!
I left Tukums with the idea to enroll in a Master course in England, but unfortunatly my scolarship could not cover all the tuition fees so in August I was forced to decline the University offer 😦

But EVS taught me something really important: a temporary and apparently fail could hide a future success, you never know!

So I decided to looking for a job opportunity abroad, this time related to my studies, but simultaneously I had a lot of time for doing what I love most: travelling!

I have visited a lot of places and I have met a lot of nice, strange and amazing people:

I went to Rimini



Marmore Waterfall!

In Umbria


Toscana!! Montepulciano




Ulla (the German volunteer) and her sister came to visit me and I showed them my city!


My mentor Ilvars and his amazing family came to visit me, my friends and my relatives 🙂


In november I was invited to the Annual Italian EVS Event in Messina (Sicily), and in those day happened my last EVS adventure: the event went on 3 days, but I decided to stay one week more to travel around the wonderful Sicily (half November is still summer!!)

I met almost all the EVS Italian volunteers like me and together we did activities to show how much is wonderful doing a voluntary project 🙂

Why is important leave as European Volunteers?


Later I did an on the road across Sicily! First stop Catania and Taormina


Later, I went to Palermo hitch-hiking and I have met two men from there who hosted me in their apartment and showed me how much it is beautiful that city (and its food, also during the night!!). One of these men is a magician who can read the future in the card and he works on TV, so he gave me the chance to assist him during his show!!

And there, I have met Ilvars and Zanda again!!

After I visited the historical Agrigento, that is famous for the Temples Valley and the white beach, la Scala dei Turchi.


At the end of this experience, I had a lot of new friends and one of these – Giulia – hosted me for a weekend in her house (at Varese Lake) and I payed her back hosting her in my city Genoa: this is the real EVS spirit 🙂
Try to guess what is lake and what is sea ;P


During all these experiences, I was searching a job abroad, and I have found at the end of November, right for my birthday (this year I have invited very fewer person than last year, do you remember :P?) This is “our” bar in Genoa!

Then, before leaving, I wanted to say goodbye to my friend around Italy, first in Turin

secondary my former classmates in Padoa!

After Christmas, and before starting my new job experience, I organized my last on the road with my car 🙂

Lubjana (Slovenia)

Wien (Austria) and its wax Museum!!

Munich in New Year (the most rapresentative picture ;P)



So…As you can see, I tried to keep my EVS spirit: open mind, new experiences, travelling, hospitality, friendship…But unfortunatly I can not live forever like this, it’s time to work: I will work in Prague in a big enterprise as a Internal Communication Member.

I think the experience in Tukums helped me very much, for sure without it I couldn’t live abroad right now. But it isn’t just this…In my opinion EVS teaches volunteers how to keep flexible mind, how to face with the solitude, how to go beyond the frustration during the dark periods, how to see opportunities where people see limits, how important is the dialogue and meeting with the unknown.

The hardest part is keeping the EVS spirit, but in a romantic way I would like to hope that who was volunteer once, it will be for life.




The very last post


At last also I will leave today. Exactly one year ago at the 1st of october 2014 I arrived here in Tukums. On one side so many things happened this year but it ran so fast!! I cannot really believe that I will be back in Germany this evening…

I want to say thanks to all the people who helped us, supported us and did so many things! It was an amazing time and I will miss a lot! The people, the dance, my work, the sea,… At least I had a lot of Karums at the last days 🙂 (Latvian sweet)

Now I look foward to see my people at home, but also for my next visit back in Latvija!

At the end just some last memories of the year:

10751868_399432236872958_1294915962_n          DSC01044 DSC01138   DSC01075 20141204_205857 10846972_10205606291346604_1837719402_n DSC01178  DSC01198 DSC01197 DSC01268


thumb_show.php2 IMG_8862

3 IMG_3285

11043068_419313301569631_2010414365513669678_n  10360387_734989213288652_9066089998644835770_n  10262096_872147446203981_8171848799448315874_n   11053355_455769411257353_127308976588459754_n

11220848_10153484693998010_8588873500531341377_n  11119224_918709718171856_1293350869_n


11651192_10204629704805661_1767227785_n  12006103_968867126469984_7636732815686951109_n


Uz redzešānos!!




now I am the last one left, everyone went home already… But the last week wasn’t boring at all. With my dance group we went for a trip to Austria to a festival. On the way there were a lot of stops. The first night we spent in Warsaw, then we were two days in Slowakia, one day we did a boats trip, the other day we were hiking in the mountains.


DSC02833  DSC02815


The next day we drove till Vienna, where we spent the evening walking through the city. The day after we visit a big salt mine, with excursion through the caves. Then we already arrived in Rauris, where we stayed he next three days. In Kaprun there was a cheese festival, so we had two concerts and one parade. But it also meant that we had 1h practise at 7 in the morning before breakfast… Anyway it was worth it!

In the free time we saw the waterfalls of Kaprun:


My brother and some friends came to visite me and see our dancing. It was really great to see them after one year again!

20150913 (194)

The travel back was quite hard, we just stayed one night in Poland, so we spent two days just in the bus. But we had an amazing time and I will miss the dancing very, very much back in Germany!!!


Once upon a time one black girl came in Tukums for voluntary work :)

sveiki, 🙂

Ok this will be my last post because i finish my EVS PROJECT. So first i will talk about last week and after make a final conclusion about my EVS. so Last week was sport event. and we had a guest: the rain. 😦 😦 a lot of water. But seems like people enjoyed the moment because we had football and volley-ball. 30 people came. We tried to do as much as possible with the rain but unfortunetly we could not do the runing because it was to dangerous. My last lesson with my students was also last week. We spent time together till 22h or 23h i don’t remembrer because i was a little bit drunk. I spent a great time with them, talking about France, about my family, and stupid things that they understand in France. 🙂 so i can say that i had a good class  this year.

what else? oh yes this week i had my break party in office to say goodbye with my beautiful and tasty kuka, we drink tea and coffee (more soft). we talked about all year, what we did as a volunteer Laima and i.

and i can say that i’m happy to take this chance to do something else and discover another country. i learnt a lot about me. great experience, i improve my english. which it was not really good at the beginning but now it not perfect but better than before. i tried to do somes projects; some of them was ok but others no. of course everything is not perfect in the life. sometimes you miss your family, your life, but you get something new, and i think i got this thing. this impression that you did something good, you heped someone else, you gave fun to people. Tomorrow i will be back to Paris and i’m also happy. i can not be sad to be now with my family, with my friends and do things i liked to do before to come……

but now i know that i am able to change my comfort zone and this is really important for me. i met people who really helped me to do what i have to do like my mentor or Liene (from the tourism office in Tukums). i met my skinny and beautiful colleage Laima. and thank you to her for those moments because I think without her, I would not have been able to do the activities I had planned. She was an important ressource. so thanks Laima and see you in Paris to enjoy the nature 🙂

i go home with a lot of souvenirs full on my head.

so chao Latvia, chao Tukums, chao pasta iela, chao Hesburger, chao kvazi pizza, chao talsu iela, chao Rimi, chao Maxima and miers un mīlestība 🙂

it was Perrine from France volunteer in Pozitiva Doma (04/11/2014 to 04/09/2015)IMG_8952

Now i let the place to others volunteers.



finally I write something again. The last three weeks my family came to visit me and we traveled all around Latvija 🙂 First we met in Lithuania where we stayed three days in a housboat. It was really nice, we had all three weeks great weather, sun and really warm, like summer 🙂

IMG_4260  The houseboat

In Lithuania we visited one day Klaipeda and another day Nidda, both two nice cities near to the sea. After seeing the city centre we went to swim 🙂 In Nidda there was an amber museum and a really huge dune, where you can climb up.

IMG_4755 IMG_4717

When we drove back to Latvia we passed to hill of crosses in Lithuania.


In Latvia we visited a lot of cities like Sigulda, Kuldiga, Liepāja, Rīga of course, Kolka… In most of them I have been already but around Tukums we did many things I haven’t known before. So we went to Ķemeri National Park:           To the barefoot path:

IMG_5289     IMG_5422

Jaunmoku castle:                                              To the sea many times 🙂

IMG_7048     IMG_7116

In Rīga was city celebration, so concerts and markets. There we ate the typical cabbage:

IMG_5925    IMG_6057

and went to the Art Nouveau museum:

IMG_8480     IMG_8415     

Jūrmala:                                                             The Gauja National Park near Sigulda:

IMG_6592   IMG_6878

The Rideļi mill, where you can go with the boat and eat very tasty pancakes!

IMG_7394   IMG_8036


The coast of Jūrkalne, near to Liepāja:


And some more things… All in all it were really great holidays, we did a lot and saw many nice places in Lithuania and Latvija!


I hope you had also nice holidays,